विद्यां च् अविद्यां यस्तद् वेदोभयं सह ।
अविद्ययां मृत्युं तीतर्वा विद्ययाऽमृतमसश्नुते ॥

As explained in the above stated shloka from Ishopanishada "Avidya" endows man the knowledge and skills of carrying out responsibilities, social customs and duties in life and thereby helping him to earn one's livelihood. With such skilful strength, a journey from birth to death is believed to accomplish crossing over the ocean of life.

Whereas "Vidya" quenches an eternal thirst of haying the ultimate spiritual knowledge and satisfaction as equal to immortality. Hence, the visionary dream of LokBharati is to worship the comprehensive study of both.,"Avidya" (skilful strength) and "Vidya" (vision of inner self), which enables man to breathe happily in the cosmic world as well as to have perpetual pleasure of one's own being.

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