Community Science Centre

Since its inception Lokbharti’s 160 acre campus and its various departments are performing as community science centre for surrounding villages. Education, research and extension are core and unique characteristic in Lokbharti system of education. But because consistence, dedicated effort by Dr. Arunbhai Dave, formally community science centre was started in 1973. The appropriate science which is correlated with lives and livelihoods of common village people is core value for this centre. The objectives of Lokbharti community science centre are

  1. Develop scientific temper of daily life.
  2. To acquaint students with scientific and technological discoveries.
  3. To do interesting, life oriented, low cost scientific study.
  4. To make one self tree from blind faith and superstitions.
  5. To provide easy access to children and school teachers of surrounding villages to do and understand basic scientific concept.

Gujarat state school text book assigned this science centre very important task to prepare textbooks and board assigned this science centre very important task to prepare textbook and reference materials for science, maths and environment subjects, for primary schools. The Gujarat government has resource centre for other science centre of the state. The centre major activities are

  1. Arranging science related lectures, exhibitions, slide-shows, film-shows, sky-observation, science-fairs, group discussions etc.
  2. Create simple, cheap toys explaining laws of science as well as sell and canvass them.
  3. Take the science-literature to people at the concessional rates.
  4. Activities and special programmes for elimination of superstitions, and beliefs; caring environment and removing pollution.
  5. Arranging learner-focused science education training with the help of the District Training Centre.
  6. Demonstrate and sell gadgets like smokeless stoves, biogas plant, star-lamps, solar cooker, wind, gasifire, solar hot water system, and other power saving gadgets.
  7. Use and promote the use of central government approved “ Energy Park” and “Science park” built by Lokbharti Science Centre.

The centre has worked and associated with the following organization and arranged several programs regularly and successfully.

  1. Gujarat Council on Science & Technology- Gandhinagar.
  2. Department of Science & Technology- Delhi.
  3. Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Centre- Ahmedabad.
  4. Saurashtra Education Foundation- Mumbai.
  5. Gujarat Energy Development Agency- Baroda.
  6. Environment Education Centre -, Ahmedabad.
  7. Regional Community Science Centre -Rajkot.
  8. 'Sadbhav' Foundation- Mumbai.
  9. Gujarat Ecology Commission - Baroda.
  10. Bharat Jana - Gyana Vigyan - Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Delhi.
  11. Eklavya - Aurangabad - Bhopal.
  12. Gujarat Conservation Society -Vadodara.
  13. Marathi Vigyan.Parishad - Vadodara.
  14. Nehru Planetarium - Bombay.
  15. The Indian Planetary Society- Bombay.
  16. Aakashvani - Ahmedabad - Rajkot.
  17. Environment Energy Group - Delhi.
  18. Environment & Forest Department - Delhi.
  19. Life Science Department- Bhavnagar Uni. - Rajkot Uni.
  20. P. R. L. ahmedabad.
  21. VIKSAT- Ahmedabad.
  22. A. K. R. S. P. - Ahmedabad.
  23. 'Chetana' - Ahmedabad.
  24. Shishumilap - Baroda

Sceince Center Education System

The community science centre has been working to develop the scientific outlook as well as to train scientific attitude among the people, since 1972. Various kinds of programmes are organized in order to encourage the awareness of the scientific attitude. Having been an attraction as a resource centre for the children and the teachers of the surrounding primary and secondary schools, this department has been a remarkable success in making the science in human life participative and demonstrative, simple, interesting, easy-accessible and life-oriented. It propagates the use of science in day-to-day life, in thought and attitude of the villagers surrounding the institute. People regularly visit this science centre and like-vise the science centre also goes amidst people. Thus the relation between the center and the surrounding community is reciprocal.

Many sorts of activities and programmes are carried out successfully with the help of various schemes from the central and state Government. The department has been functioning in a well-equipped building-Vigyan Bhavan. The programmes of demonstration and exhibition on the various aspects of rural development, such as agriculture and animal husbandry, medicinal plant garden, water conservation, bio-control, organic farming, environmental education and awareness etc. have been proved very helpful to attain sustainable development of the villages. The department has also a different identity as Energy Education Centre of Gujarat for the sale and demonstration of renewable energy devices-gadgets.

Now the centre has a guest house also for students who come from villages to study science. The department has become an important and famous resource centre regarding scientific knowledge with the attraction of the Energy Park and Science Park among the many science-teachers and students of the area. Gujarat State School Text Book Board assigned this science centre a very important task of preparing new text books of Science-Math-Environment subjects for the fifth-sixth-seventh standards of primary school, in 2010. It was successfully executed by the centre.

The centre has been striving for making science life-oriented by arranging book-fairs, expert lectures, exhibitions, film-shows, slide-shows, live-demonstrations, exposure visits, seminars, workshops, quiz, debates, sky-gazing etc.

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